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Young people engage in a wide range of creative activities, including painting representations of their past, present and imagined futures to express their feelings, explore their interests and tell their stories.




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This video explores the stories of some of the young people and facilitators who have contributed to the Navigating Resettlement project.

The Navigating Resettlement Project is a collaboration between Sydwest Multicultural Services and Western Sydney University aimed at helping refugees and migrants between 15-25 years of age explore their educational and life aspirations in their transition to life in Australia.  Watch the video here.


The project uses a creative life story model which draws upon young people’s strengths gained through past experiences, present circumstances and imagined futures.  Central to the project was the creation of content for a web site designed by young people for young people.


This website profiles the Navigating Resettlement project and provides the foundations for a living resource which will be further developed to assist current and future young refugees and migrants in their transition to living in Australia.


The young people who attend the Navigating Resettlement project are  recently arrived refugees between 15 and 24 years of age.  They come diverse backgrounds, with most of the recent arrivals from Afghanistan,Iraq, Iran,Sudan and Syria.  They are referred to Sydwest Multiculural Services by Settlement Services International (SSI) where they receive support to help them make successful personal, social and educational transitions during the initial 5 years of resettling in Australia.

The Navigating Resettlement project offers a range of activities designed to meet personal, social and educational needs and interests of young refugees and migrants who are transitioning to life in Australia.  While many young Australians may experience challenges making the transition from secondary school to TAFE, University, or employment, young refugees also need to navigate new cultural contexts, fluency in English, going to school and making new friends.


The Navigating Resettlement Project responds to these complex transitions through a compassionate and holistic approach within a flexible informal education environment. The life story model has three main components: web design and digital media production workshops, 'creative space' and a mentoring study centre.


Academic Mentors from Western Sydney University assist young refugees to meet their study needs. Homework clubs are held at SydWest Multicultural Services in Blacktown. Tours and workshops at Western Sydney University introduce students to the opportunities of tertiary study, matching young people with academic mentors in response to their subject interests and career aspirations. These campus visits aim to show that higher education is a realistic option for young refugees and migrants. Click here if you'd like to volunteer to mentor a young refugee.

Each week participating students have learnt foundational digital media skills using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of professional media production software. The intention is to provide an introduction to new and emerging platforms for creative expression and impart the skills that are relevant to jobs of the future .


Content for this website has been collaboratively designed by participants of the Navigating Resettlement project. The website is built using Adobe Muse and has been designed to accommodate ongoing  development by the young refugees and migrants who will join or continue with the Navigating Resettlement program. The website is intended as a 'living resource' that explores young peoples' resettlement experiences, celebrates their engagement with the Navigating Resettlement project, and provides a platform on which to base future digital media training activities.


So far, Navigating Resettlement has facilitated introductory workshops in photography, videography, graphic design, non-linear video editing and website design.  The project's Digital Media Mentor has also worked on an individual basis with young people who have demonstrated a particular interest and aptitude in digital media production.


Do you you care about human rights and want to create a better world for all?


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The following link will take you to a survey which will ask you about how you might be able to assist young refugees and migrants through SydWest Multicultural Services based in Blacktown.  Assistance may range from sharing your knowledge or volunteering your time once every three months to offer advice to young refugees to regular mentoring sessions.


You may have a skill in music, science, computers, you may have a trade or experience in hospitality. We are keen to have your help to create opportunities for young refugees and migrants in pursuing their dreams and aspirations. For further information please take the survey.


Some ways you can help are:


• Advise on steps to gain entry into your profession or educational institution

• Share and listen to stories of success and overcoming adversity in achieving goals

• Speak at young refugees' schools about what you do

• Volunteer tutoring in specific subjects

• Offer internships or work experience


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